Coloured Concrete

Full Depth Concrete Colours Available from BGC Concrete

Please contact your closest plant for more details and an obligation free quotation.

  • Black Colour Swatch
  • Charcoal Colour Swatch
  • Yellow Colour Swatch
  • Limestone Colour Swatch
  • Deep Red Colour Swatch
    Deep Red*
  • Mid Red Colour Swatch
    Mid Red*
  • Terracotta Colour Swatch
  • Scorched Earth Colour Swatch
    Scorched Earth
  • Gypsy Colour Swatch
  • Marigold Colour Swatch
  • Dark Brown Colour Swatch
    Dark Brown
  • Mid Brown Colour Swatch
    Mid Brown

The colours shown here will provide a close representation to the final colour. Please note that some variation will be expected as you are adding colour to natural raw materials that will change over time. Variations in the suppliers cement, water addition and the chosen finish will all impact on the final colour. You should discuss any concerns directly with your concrete placer prior to ordering.

Please be aware that the following colours are only available from the Hazelmere and Quinns Rock plant locations: Deep Red, Mid Red, Gypsy, Marigold.

PLEASE NOTE: Colour reproduction can vary when viewing colours on your computer screen and other electronic mobile devices.

Disclaimer: Due to the limitations of the printing process and variations between printers, monitors and variation of indoor lighting colour temperatures, clients are advised to look at individual concrete sample swatches on site in natural lighting when making a decision. Conversion between CMYK or RGB can also provide unexpected variations depending on the software, monitor calibration and colour profiles utilised.