GreenStar Concrete

GreenStar Concrete by BGC Concrete - Building a Greener World

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Concrete is one of the world’s most versatile building materials but traditionally its production is very energy-intensive.

A rising demand for more sustainable building materials has led to the reduction of the carbon footprint of concrete manufacture by using environmentally-friendly materials and recycled water to create a product that’s just as strong and durable as regular concrete but takes far less energy to produce.

At BGC, we’re using this technology to create new ‘green concrete’ mixes for our GreenStar Concrete range.

Benefits of GreenStar Concrete

  • Computerisation allows flexibility and repeatability in mix designs at all metropolitan BGC Concrete plants.
  • Separate GGBFS silos add the required 40% cement replacement accurately across all mixes.
  • 6 concrete recyclers recover coarse and fine aggregates.
  • Closed water circuits at every plant allow the maximum quantity of waste water for reuse in concrete manufacture and washout.
  • Water reducers and super plasticisers are automatically metered and added to the load on site.This additive management system minimises the addition of on-site water maintaining concrete quality as a priority.
  • New generation viscosity modifiers ensure the most efficient use of manufactured sand and recycled aggregates.

GreenStar Concrete Brochure

Download the GreenStar Concrete Brochure for more information about this new environmentally-friendly product.